W E E K E N D  W O R S H I P  S E R V I C E 

Vertical services take place every Saturday night @ 6:30pm in the HUB at Calvary. [click for directions]

What should I expect when I get there?

You should expect that there will be people who are stoked that you came.

You should be prepared for worship that inspires awe in a big God.

You should know that you can be real, who you are, and that you will be accepted.

You should expect to meet other students who love God.

You should expect to hear life's issues addressed. Expect to learn more about why you are alive. Expect to meet with God. Expect to be changed.

What shouldn't I expect?

You shouldn't feel like you need to have it all together to come or that you need to act like you do.

You shouldn't expect hype, scarecrows, bee-hives, snorkels, or astroturf.